REYL Men is a mental health movement for men. We exist to both redefine what a REYL Man is and support a man's journey to his best self!


The most important part of REYL, is to hold a safe space for men to show up, share and take inspired action, moving forward in the direction of personal growth.

Connection with REYL men who have battled their way through life and are choosing to still show up, give back and develop, will help get you out of that rut, and help you lean into the best you.

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The World's Man 



The world's representation of a "real man" is flawed. Masculinity is often referred to as toxic, abrasive, or believed to be focused on instant gratification, and confrontational. Boys are raised to be men who are told "just work harder." They're taught not to react to their emotions, to be fear focused, self serving, and, many believe, obsessed with sex and materialism. This often leads to a mentality of "I don't need anyone else." Or "I am alone out here." 
Before long, men become disconnected and distracted. Distracted from their higher power and finding themselves defined mainly by money and physical appearance.
We believe there's a better way. The REYL Way.


Welcome to REYL Men

We believe we are stronger together. We have personally grown through brotherhood and the MENtorship of others who have blazed a trail before us. REYL Men are strong and humble, proud but not prideful, disciplined and open to learning more. If this sounds like you, we invite you to check out our REYL MENbership, an online community full of Awareness, Accountability and Action to assist you in developing into the best version of yourself!

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What Makes REYL Men Different?

The 5 Peaks

'Standard' men live driven by their five senses, REYL Men live INSPIRED by the 5 Peaks. We navigate and grow in all of these Peaks in order to achieve the best version of ourselves, what we call "The REYL You."


3 Ways to Connect

REYL meets you where you are and helps you grow in all 5 Peaks!

Through the REYL Community, we have 3 options to connect with you.

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3 Days of growth in all 5 peaks!

 Join us for a brotherhood experience that you will never forget.

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We love in person events and experiences, it's where lifelong brotherhoods are formed and we grow as a movement. We hold these as often as possible and will increase in frequency as we grow, in addition to this we also do REYL Life as fathers, husbands, business owners, trainers, mentors, speakers and more. We are a diverse group of dedicated men to helping others lean into their purpose.

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Join us for daily messages and weekly interviews. REYL means to Recommit Everyday You Live. We know the best versions of ourselves are created from the daily recommitments we make within what we call the "5 peaks" which are: Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Financial. Hear inspiring messages, stories, and REYL Talk from inspirational men and women in all walks of life. Let's Grow!

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The REYL Vision: A world of powerful, loving and successful men, changing how we define brotherhood to attain our highest potential.

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