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Functional Nutrition Coaching could be just the answer you've been praying for. It was for our practitioners and we love serving you with our gifts. Let's learn more about what your body is telling you for how to best support that best you! 

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Led by Lauren Busch, a board ceritified Holistic Health Practitioner, our team of service focused professionals look forward to helping you improve in 3 primary focus areas: HORMONES, GUT and METABOLIC health.





Invite VITALITY back into your life. Let's simplify and quicken the wellness journey for you through personalized lab tests, data driven decisions and translating the story your body is telling us into powerful tangible insights to guide your empowered path. 

PEACE is a precious gift and becoming more so by the day. In a fast paced world with pressures to be, do and have more, peace can drift farther and farther. Restore your peace and the homeostasis your body is longing for internally and you may be surprised how much that helps you externally. Maybe it's the confidence to say no, set healthy boundaries, honor your time for self care, cherish those who matter most and let everything else melt away. Let's awaken your peace from within.

JOY, those who have it are infectious in all the best ways, they light up the room, know just what to say, can truly see people. Let's work to get you back to being that lighthouse for others but with an understanding of how to efficiently power your own light so nothing dims any longer for you personally.

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Your Life Can Transform, Let's awaken Your Power Within.

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Divine harmonic Pink Himalayan Salt Essential Oils.

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Divine harmonic Pink Himalayan Salt Essential Oils.

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Divine harmonic Pink Himalayan Salt Essential Oils.

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Include Feature or current course here.  These courses will help you learn how to transform your biggest blocks so that you can become your most powerful self – through methods of breath work, guidance, and meditation.

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